Thursday, September 30, 2010

Let little girls be little girls

I have two little boys and I am obsessed with little girls clothes.  I think God knew what he was doing when he gave me 2 boys because I would be completely broke from buying cute clothes for my little girl.  

I especially love girls clothes that are different/original.  If I had a little girl she would definitely stand out {and wouldn't look like a miniature teenager...hate those grown up clothes for little girls}.  

That's why I LOVE Matilda Jane. I spotted one of their sundresses on a little girl in music class and I just fell in love. I even love their cute little labels {nice and big so I could tell who made the fab little dress}.  I even love their name! 

So if I am blessed to have a little girl next time around {third times a charm!} this will be my first stop....maybe I should buy a dress now just because...just in case ;-) 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Custom Cuddlery

I guess you know by now that I love baby blankets...and of course anything personalized.  So I really love Fill In The Blankie.  They make great, keepsake blankets that include extensive personalization in the cost {you not only can include a name and date, but a message/saying too...all 4 sides of the blanket!}.

I've purchased 2 blankets from them for my sons' infant Dedications -- the As Good As It Gets and the Martha's Majesty -- and was super pleased.  I also purchased one as a gift and the mom is still talking about how wonderful the blanket is.  I just wish I could afford to get one for each milestone in my kids lives {okay maybe not high school graduation, but at least while they are babies☺}!

P.S. Save 15% with code: 031015

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sack of Love

As a new mom you are probably inundated with reminders that baby is to be put to sleep on his/her back {although my dad swears my little one sleeps better on his stomach} AND not to put any loose blankets or sheets in the crib with the baby.  As a result the "sleep sack" has emerged and taken the baby world by storm.  {I really think those same doctors must have a stake in baby sacks}  There are LOTS of sacks out there made of different material. But they are all visually pretty much the same.  Or so I thought. 

Olli & Lime realized that like all your baby's wear, you want their sleep wear to be cool and fashion forward as well.  Boring, plain cotton with typical bears, trains or lions just won't do.  So if you are a trendy urban parent, with a circular wooden crib, you will just love what Olli & Lime has done for sleep sacks.  And if you want to take it a step further, they offer coordinating nursery decor too!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

You can't have just one

This bag makes me sad.  Why?  Because I cannot have it.  I reached {okay surpassed} my diaper bag limit before I found this one.  But it is so wonderfully perfect!  Why did I not see it sooner ?!?!  It's large and roomy, perfect for all the burp cloths, bottles, toys, binkies, change of clothes, snacks, sanitizer, napkins, disposable bags, oh and your stuff too.  AND it's sooo cute!  The Zanzibar print is my favorite.  It looks like a bag you would actually WANT to carry.  Did I mention that it is reversible!  I. have. to. have. it.  Maybe if I lost {yeah lost} one of mine, I would need to find a replacement.  Hmmm.  To be cont.....

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pujy Baby Bathtime

If you are a mom you know that there is nothing trickier than bathing a newborn.  They are small, floppy and slippery when wet. Oh and did I say that most of them hate taking a bath! That's why I love love LOVE the puj tub.  All of the bath tubs I've tried are hard plastic, or your newborn is supposed to lay in a net {which makes them even more difficult to wash well, if that's possible}.  The puj tub, however, is soft and cushiony.  It cradles your newborn and makes them feel secure.  It also is great because you can stand upright in your bathroom while giving your little one a bath, unlike other tubs which require you to bend over your tub, or set it up on the changing table.  Such a great idea...I wish I had thought of it!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Shhhh....Baby's sleeping

shi shu baby blankets

The best cuddling baby blanket ever! It is made of 60% cotton and 40% bamboo and the bamboo makes it feel so soft and luxurious. Perfect for cuddling your newborn. 

There are different types of baby blankets {yes, I'm a baby blanket "connoisseur"...I love them so I have tons of them!} Some are great for swaddling {post about my favorite swaddling blanket from Aden + Anais to come soon}, others are thick and fluffy and perfect for cold winter days, and others -- like the shi shu blanket -- are just perfect.  It's not too heavy so that your little one will get overheated on warmer days, but heavy enough to keep the chill off.  

The bottom line is they are just plain pretty. Your little one will surely stand out from the pack with this wrapped around them.

Monday, September 6, 2010

My absolute fav newborn item...

Sleepy Wrap
I am a big fan of babywearing {because it's great for baby and perfect for multi-tasking moms} so when baby #2 came along, I knew I had to find a better sling.  With my first little one I tried the conventional slings, the custom-sized slings, and of course the Baby Bjorn {which I still love, but is better for older babies}.  And nothing worked for my newborn.  They were either to rough or he just didn't enjoy being in them.  When I stumbled upon Sleepy Wrap I knew I had found a keeper.

Sure enough, when my little one arrived and I popped him in, he was instantly in heaven {and asleep}! Whenever he is tired and fussy, and can't be soothed easily, I just slip him into my Sleepy Wrap.  When he was just a few weeks old and we were ready to be out and about, I would carry him in the Sleepy Wrap and he felt so protected and content.  I love love love this product...especially because it comes in the best shade of my favorite color!

I just decided to look at these videos on how to use your Sleepy Wrap and they are fantastic! They make using the wrap even easier.