Thursday, November 18, 2010

Return of the Spunky child

Now that I have two children, my wardrobe has become increasingly static.  Any money allotted in our budget for clothing goes exclusively to our kiddos who are growing like weeds.  So I feed the shopping fiend within by outfitting my kids in cute clothing that they need {need, yeah need}.

There are soooooo many on-line kids boutiques out now claiming to offer stylish/posh/couture/one-of-a kind/[fill in the unique blank], but so few live up to their claim.  Spunky Sprout, however, delivers.  They have soooo many cute things, and for boys too! I have barely begun to scratch the surface of all they have to offer.  But let's just say it was love at first sight when I saw these items {it was so hard to only pick a few}:

The boots have to be my absolute fav item! My sons will BOTH be getting those. I love the cable knit hats, mostly because I love anything cable knit, and these look nice, warm and soft.  The taupe onesie looks plain, but for those moms out there you know how "different" this one looks. I love it!  And the PJs are just cute. 

Now you know I couldn't leave the site without {wistfully} taking a peek at the little girls clothes and shoes.  They are, of course, even more fabulicious....*sigh*:

I can't wait until I have the time to check out everything else! {follow-up post may be in order}

I am happy to share with you a promo code to save 10% off your order.  This code is for Spunky Sprout's loyal followers, which I'm sure you'll all be now.  But use it soon because it expires December 14, 2010!  CODE: fbspunky10

Sunday, November 7, 2010

To watch or not to watch....

When we had our first child we were fortunate enough to have my husband's mother living with us who watched our little one.  Now we have 2 and no longer have the luxury of live-in family help.  So we are faced with the scenario that many working couples are facing, getting a nanny.

Once you get past the research, interviews and selection process and have settled on someone who {hopefully} seems perfect, the question invariably comes up "Should we get a nanny cam?"  I mean this is a person you likely don't know at all -- except for what she has told you and what you may have heard from others -- who is going to be looking after your most precious treasure(s).  It makes sense that you want to check-in on her.  Of course my fear is, what if you see something that you don't like, but it isn't a fireable offense.  You can't bring it up but it will eat you up just knowing about it.  To know or not to know, that is the question.

In case you are in the "To know!" category, there are some great devices out there that you can rig up in your home and watch from anywhere {work, a restaurant, the spa, the mall}.  Some, like the ones below, can be disguised as clocks, teddy bears, or stuck in small areas.  Others, like the Avaak Vue Personal Video Network, aren't shaped like a decoy, but can easily be hidden anywhere.  The Vue is the easiest and simplest nanny cam I've found.  There is no software to load and you can view the cameras from any internet browser. It’s really that simple!

New Version Motion Detection Clock Camera (Blue) with Remote - Records Color Video and Still Images - Includes 4gb Micro SD Card + DBTech Micro Card Reader Plush Dog USB Webcam for PC Nanny Cam NannycamGSI Super Quality Wall/Desk Clock With Built In High Definition Nanny Cam Pinhole Camera, Mini DV Video Camcorder, Voice Recorder, Webcam, USB Interface, 4GB Memory - Cute Tire Shape - Great Security & Surveillance Device