Sunday, February 12, 2012

One of my greatest passions is fashion!  I simply love looking at beautiful clothes.  Last year, my husband and I took my daughter to the National Museum of American History in Washington DC.  The museum had an entire room dedicated to showing all the gowns that were worn by the First Ladies.  Needless to say, I would have been quite happy spending my entire time in that room while my husband wanted to check out, as you would expect, the sports and leisure room.

Given this slight obsession with cute clothes, I, naturally, am always looking for cute clothes for my daughter.  Last year, I stumbled upon a line that I fell in love with and I continue to stalk Zulily waiting for one of their sales.  The line is called Red Fish Clothing.  Their website provides the best description of their clothing line:

Designed and constructed for growth, movement, and versatility, the simple lines of Redfish Kids Clothing are easily layered and worn together. Using durable, pre-washed materials, Redfish Kids Clothing satisfies kids need for comfort while addressing mom's need for durability, design and value.

This description basically says it all.  But, let me add that what I love most about this line is the shapes, fit, and use of color.  The "Party Dress" is a perfect example of everything I love about their collection:

The Lucky Dress is also a favorite:

Whenever I have a special occasion to attend with my daughter, I always check out this line.  These are special dresses perfect for an important event.  

To view the entire Redfish line, you can go to their website.  Note: Redfish is a Canadian company but they ship to the United States.  Alternatively, the line is also sold at Spunky Sprout and Zulily (on occasion).  So, if you ever have an occasion where you want your daughter to dress to impress, check out Redfish, you can't go wrong!

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