Friday, December 2, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside

It is finally starting to feel like Winter. In some ways, I love the thought of wearing cute coats with matching scarves and hats while drinking a Starbucks Eggnog Latte. However, I do miss the ease of dashing out of the house without having to worry about outerwear. And, without worrying about keeping my son warm. My daycare provider recently reminded me that it is probably a good idea to dress my son in shoes or booties to keep his feet warm. So, it is time to retire the cute Trumpette socks and invest in some cute baby booties. When I had my daughter, I loved the Zutano booties. They NEVER fell off and came in cute colors and styles. I think I may need to place an order from some soon. has the cozie Zutano Booties in navy, pink, fuchsia, and light blue on sale now for $16.00! Unfortunately, they only go up to size 12 months. They are also available at Comfy Kid. I have ordered from them before and they ship very fast!

Robeez Booties ($36.00)
I also found these cute booties:

North Face ($30.00)
Here are some other options:
Polo Bootie ($30.80)

Ministar Booties ($19.99)

Happy Holidays....and keep those baby footsies warm!

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