Monday, December 27, 2010

Boutique Magnifique

I recently moved to Washington, DC and while I was born and raised in this area, I have been in New York for so long now I feel like a New Yorker.  So, returning to this area has been a huge adjustment.

 Like any good New Yorker {read snob}, I think every other city is just not good enough.  The restaurants are not as good. The shopping's not as good. The people aren't as interesting {read rude}. 

For an urban-mom like me that includes the baby boutiques, activities and Mommy and Me groups.  Will they be as trendy?  Will there be tons of activities to choose from?  Will I even want to join any of the groups?

Well the answer to the first question at least is a resounding Yes!  I know that Georgetown has always been a generally cool place to shop, but I didn't know Capitol Hill was so fab!  I particularly love the row of family-friendly shops near Eastern Market and especially Dawn Price Baby.  They have all of the best baby gear, clothing and gifts that you could want.  Her taste is impeccable.  I strolled through their Capitol Hill shop thinking "I like that, and that and that and that, ooh and that too!"  So, of course, I had to pick up a few things that I needed {eehhm yes needed} for my little ones -- French flash cards, mitten clips and an ├╝ber cute cable knit outfit. 

If you are a NYC-transplant in the DC area, be sure to check out Dawn Price Baby.  And for a few minutes you may forget that you're strolling the shops in our nation's capital and think you've just stumbled across a cute new baby boutique in SoHo.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's A Dirty Job

It's kinda gross, but during this marathon cold season, it's my most prized possession.

One of the hardest aspects of having a little one {and there are a lot of them} is dealing with colds.  When my children were infants I worked really hard to get them as old as possible before they caught their first cold -- i.e., being a sanitizer nazi, refusing to let people get too near, much less touch, them when they were really young, etc.  Because NOTHING is worse than a congested newborn.  I do mean nothing. 

Yes, there is the aspirator, but really who wants to stick that big bulby, sticky thing up that precious, moving target of a nose {they learn really quickly to start squirming when they see the thing coming}.  In fact, I swear I remember that thing my from my own childhood; and believe me the memories are not fond.

That's why I love love LOVE the SNOT SUCKER 2000 {not the real name, but that's what I call it}.  This nasal aspirator is ridiculously simple, but so effective.  Particularly when you are attempting to remove snot {don't you just love that word!} by yourself from an uncooperative little human.  I used to have my husband hold their heads while I tried to suck out the snot, but not anymore!

Oh and yes it seems gross that you are literally sucking the snot with your mouth, but trust me, it doesn't get anywhere close to your mouth. :)